If residents or their representatives have complaints or concerns about the facilities or services please give FMH staff the opportunity to investigate and resolve complaints before external persons or organisations are involved. In addition a resident’s medical practitioner or the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care on 1800 550 552 or Advocacy Tasmania on 1800 005 131 can also offer assistance.


All written complaints are referred to the appropriate officer (CEO or CCS). This officer will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2 working days. A process of investigation will follow as directed by this officer. Where a final position following the investigation is reached within a further 5 working days, this outcome will be advised in writing to the complainant (provided the complainant has been identified).

Where it takes longer than five working days to complete an investigation and reach a final determination the complainant (if known) will be advised of the extension of time required and when a final determination will be advised to them. They shall be advised of the outcome in writing at the end of the designated period

FMH External Complaints form


Initially any service problems should be raised with staff, but any resident or visitor may complete a corrective action form. These forms are available from each nursing station, at reception and are published in a simplified format. The simplified format is available in lounge areas at Bowditch or on the back of weekly menus circulated to residents at Ballawinne Road.

FMH Corrective Action form

ILU Maintenance request pink form